Find Love with … GPS – A village called Love on the top of Tinos

Find Love with … GPS – A village called Love on the top of Tinos

If one is looking for Love, especially on Valentine’s Day, he can find her through a … navigator. Maybe not in the sense of the other half, but as a destination as long as he travels to Tinos and there, “climbed” on the mountain, at a distance of 18 kilometers from the island’s capital, he will find the village of Agapi, which today, today of Valentine, has its honor. In fact, some of its inhabitants have relevant names!

“Out of the fifty inhabitants, five have the name of … love! A small resident is called Agapi and four men are named Agapitos “, says, speaking on the radio station of the Athenian / Macedonian News Agency” Agency 104.9 FM “, the president of the community Iosif Delatolas, noting that the central church of the village in square is Agios Agapitos.

“Many people, especially in summer, visit the village for its name. Especially the couples in love are photographed on the sign at the entrance of the village, uploading their downloads on the internet. “Apart from the Greeks, there are many tourists from abroad who are impressed when they learn the name of our village and in many cases it is what motivates them not to fail to stop for a photo on the entrance and exit signs”, says Mr. Delatolas.

The few inhabitants have been together for many years and no married couple has gotten a divorce up to now. All of them live alone and loved in their picturesque village and take care to show the love and beauty of their soul to all those who visit their place, since there is no way they do not suggest to serve coffee and bun to passers-by.

The village of Agapi is one of the oldest settlements of Tinos, with special architecture, picturesque arches, natural springs and abundant running water, cobbled alleys, traditional houses, traditional laundry and marble fountains. It is built on the slopes of a mountain, while in front of it there are green ravines, with picturesque bridges and several pigeons.

The people of the village, in fact, aim in the near future, given that they will relax the measures for the pandemic, to strengthen their place of tourism and to use the … expensive and heavy name Agapi, organizing celebrations similar to the traditional festivals which have in August.

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