Emma Stone broke down in tears after an autistic fan revealed how following her career over the years made his life better and helped him cope with his particularly lonely school years.

Her youngster described how her sketches on Saturday Night Live put him in a better mood so he could finish school.

After breaking down in tears, the star came off the stage to hug him.

I have been following your career for the past 12 years. I love “Poor Things” and have watched it six times. You always bring electricity to the screen in each of your performances and what you create is always pure and honest.

@lauren_frida #emmastone hugging one of her biggest fans at the london q&a of #poorthings ♬ original sound – Laura Bit

I truly fell in love with your heart, your confidence, your strength, your advocacy for mental health and awareness. Growing up as one of the few autistic kids in school, feeling lonely and unable to make friends during recess, I would sneak into a computer lab to watch your old SNL skits. You mentioned on a few occasions that you felt insecure when you didn’t graduate high school and go to college, but I enjoyed the comfort and security you brought me over the years“, he said, offering her a bouquet.

The audience burst into applause as the lead actress broke down in tears.

In fact, he came down from the stage in no time and gave him a very warm hug.

When he returned to the stage, she asked him if he had any questions about the movie ‘Poor Things’

“What is your favorite message that you will take away for the rest of your life from this experience?” he asked her.

“I think Bella is also someone who experiences life from afar as she is not defined by social constructs and is able to take in life experiences in a completely original way and sees the good and the bad equally and is fascinated by what she has to offer. life has to offer and it’s like no other and that’s deeply inspiring and so I think that’s the biggest thing that’s touched me the most,” the actress replied.