‘There are people who like it a lot, I don’t like it that much’, says Luísa Sonza about sex


The series “If I Were Luísa Sonza”, produced by Netflix and released at the end of 2023, still brings people to talk about Luísa Sonza. Despite showing details of her professional career and also her private life in the production, the singer surprised her followers in a recent interview, where she said she did not believe in monogamy but rather in a “monogamous arrangement”. She also reported that she doesn’t like sex very much.

“Sex is overrated. The sexual act itself is overrated. There are people who like it a lot, I don’t like it that much. I like making love, having an incredible connection. But I have one thing: either I fall in love or I get sick of it. , and it’s usually the first option”, he summarized for Marie Claire.

She also defined what betrayal would be: “It’s not fulfilling the agreement – ​​and I’m very pragmatic about this, I like it to be fulfilled. It’s being false to someone and then manipulating, insisting on the mistake, doing it more than once knowing what caused it. She says a lot about the person’s nature”, he analyzed.

Asked whether or not she still has some trauma because of her troubled relationship with Chico Moedas and exposed to the boy’s betrayal on Globo’s Mais Você program, Luísa was direct: “Even though I’m working on this because I don’t want to be a cuckold again, it’s very bad! I don’t forgive and, when I can, I’ll go to Ana Maria Braga again to say a few more things, read another letter [risos].”

The singer also announced that she already has a next album in mind. “I’m studying references, putting together playlists, reading books, creating a lot to get my hands dirty. What I spent a year composing for “Escândalo Íntimo” I already did in three months for this one. It’s not ready yet because it doesn’t have the melodies, But everything is already written.”

Source: Folha

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