What if the Fighters were left with the complaint that in the first immunity they were wronged by the strategic departure of famous players? The Reds came back with a full squad and got yet another immunity.

Nevertheless, Giorgos Lianos, representing the production and seeing what we all saw in Monday’s match, announced to the players that from now on in the penalty area, a person of the other gender will be able to be selected.

In this particular match, however, the Fighters started well, but then lost 7 consecutive points.

A bright exception is Rob, who managed to bring a point against Alexis Pappas, while he was very competitive against Savvas Gentsoglou.

In the Council that followed it was decided beyond the name of the second candidate, whether we will have a men’s or women’s duel this week. The women of the group, in an extremely dangerous move, took the situation into their own hands and in order to ensure Rob’s possible departure, they voted for a man, and indeed Yiannis Perpataris. At the same time they ensured their own stay.

This, of course, did not please anyone else in the Council, except the inspirers themselves. Everyone recognized the injustice and ulterior motive behind the process. Even the Reds felt the need to intervene.

After all the disturbance and tension that was caused, finally two of the total 5 girls who voted for Yiannis Perpataris were forced to admit that they have made a mistake and if they could go back in time they would have voted differently.