French director Jacques Doillon, who has been swept away by the storm of complaints #MeToo by various actors, including Judith Godrèchedenounced, on Friday, February 9, 2024, the “lies” and “false accusations” against him.

In a statement sent to AFP, he said he was at the disposal of the courts. “That Judith Godrèche and other women through her have the heart to denounce a system, an era, a society, is courageous, commendable and necessary,” said the director. “But the law of the match does not allow arbitrary accusations, false accusations and lies.”

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Godrèche, 51, claimed Doillon, 79, took advantage of her while directing her in one of his films when she was 15. He was 29 years older at the time. Doillon and director Benoît Jacquot were targeted this week by a complaint by Godrèche, which prompted French prosecutors to launch an investigation.

“I am watching this development, not to mention this revolution, which was started and carried out by women, whose voices have been liberated for several years,” Doillon said.

“However, I have never committed the acts of which I am accused and I will provide the courts, now that the case is before them, with all the factual evidence at my disposal to prove my innocence.”he added.

She also denied being close to Jacquot, who faces allegations of abuse and violence from Godrèche. Jacquot, who is 25 years older than the actress, directed her on screen and had a six-year relationship with her that began when she was just 14.

“Le Monde” published an article in which the actors Anna Mouglalis and Isild le Besco they also accused the director of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Mouglalis recounted how Doillon had tried to force himself on her after a dinner party in the summer of 2011. Le Besco accused Doillon of sexual blackmail, saying he turned her away from a promising role in his 2001 film Carrément à l’Ouest , after she refused to sleep with him.