‘I have fire in my ass’, says Sabrina Sato


Cleo Guimarães

Around one in the morning this Monday (12), advisors from Camarote N1 give a message to journalists: Sabrina Sato is arriving but will not talk about Nicolas Prattes, the actor she was dating, nor about Duda Nagle’s new relationship, ex-husband and father of her daughter, Zoe.

There was no other way: as soon as he was in the middle of the crowd of reporters, the first question was: “why so many rules in this interview?”. Sabrina then said, in that friendly way: “What rules, guys? I don’t know anything. And rules are there to be broken.”

It was the hook to ask the questions that the advisor didn’t want, but a press professional decided to want to know, for the thousandth time, what the secret of her energy was. She had paraded at Gaviões da Fiel the day before and was thrilled.

The next day, she would go out to Vila Isabel, where she is the drum queen. And Sabrina was honest: “I have fire in my ass,” she said.

And he repeated it, laughing, for those who didn’t hear. Then, she told what she had eaten that day (still talking about the energy source) and whether she had already kissed anyone this Carnival (“no”).

The cabin crew was already pulling her by the arm when the question was asked: “What about Nicolas Prattes?”

Sabrina laughed again, but this time in a different way. “I’m here working, guys. There’s nothing.” The “there’s nothing” was actually a bit ironic, practically confirming what people there wanted to know.

Source: Folha

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