BBB 24: Raquel questions Marcus after being called a fern: ‘Who are you to say that about me?’


Raquel went to talk to Marcus after Sincerão this Monday (12). The sister was bothered to hear the brother tell Michel that he “and his group of ferns are not protagonists in the game”.

The woman from Espírito Santo is one of Michel’s closest allies and voted for Marcus in the last formation of the wall with the justification of having an unresolved clash with her brother. The commissioner believes that the real reason the sister nominated him was an alliance between her and Fernanda.

The commissioner even criticized Michel for the same reason during a minute of the dynamic, “he sold himself for a VIP and three jelly beans”, he said.

“You voted for me twice Marcus, why can’t I vote for you?” He asked, Raquel. The sister continued with questions, in a loud voice, “oh, do you think you can come here [no sincerão] and say that I’m not the protagonist of the game? Who are you to say that about me, with millions of people watching?”

Marcus also changed his tone of voice, but then chose to speak quietly to his sister. Raquel cried in the middle of her own speech, “that’s not me”, the sister explained after shouting.

The commissioner was also emotional and apologized. “I didn’t want to do this to you,” he said. The two hugged and ended the argument.

Source: Folha

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