BBB 22: Natália is in shock and cries a lot with Maria’s expulsion

BBB 22: Natália is in shock and cries a lot with Maria’s expulsion

Natalia was shocked to find out that Maria was expelled from BBB 22 (Globo) for aggression. The mining woman was talking to Lucas in the kitchen when a voice announced that the actress, called a few minutes earlier to the confessional, would not return.

First, Natalia was paralyzed and unresponsive. Afterwards, she laid her head on the table and began to cry a lot. “Poor thing”, commented the mining woman, who was shaking all over and was comforted by her colleagues. They said she shouldn’t feel guilty.

On Monday night (15), Maria hit Natália on the head with a bucket, after throwing “dirty water” on her rival during the Discordia Game. The two participated in the Dirty Water Game, during which each inmate had to choose a colleague to make an “accusation”.

If the rest of the group agreed with the line, the accuser had the right to throw a bucket of “dirty water” on the accused. If he didn’t agree, the accuser is the one who took the bath.

Maria accused Natalia of being “nasty”, something most of the household agreed with. When she threw the bucket of water on her colleague, the object hit her head hard. “You can’t just hit the bucket on the head, right?”, complained Natália. Maria apologized immediately.

Afterwards, presenter Tadeu Schmidt called a commercial break and, on his return, said that a doubt had to be removed immediately. He then asked Natalia if everything was ok, to which she replied yes. Maria apologized again, stating that the bucket “slipped” from her hand.

During the night, Natalia confessed that she said she had no problem because she didn’t want to harm her colleague. Maria said on this morning’s X-ray that she has a tendency to be aggressive and publicly apologized for the episode.

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