For Valentine’s Day there is no middle ground: you either like it or you don’t! This time of year it’s inevitable that you won’t come across romantic movie lists like this one. Except that in this particular one, we did our best to make it not another identical list of rom com movies that we’ve all seen and remember.

We have collected 10 romantic movies from the platforms of Netflix, Cinobo, Disney+ and Ertflix that are not the first thought of most, to move, cry and laugh.

  • 6 Years by Hannah Fidell: Netflix

Plot: Melanie and Daniel have been together for six years. The new perspectives that open up for their future will cause a disturbance in their relationship and also in the future they were planning together.

Starring Taissa Farmiga, mostly known through the series “American Horror Story”, and Ben Rosenfield. We understand from the premise that this is going to be a realistic story about early relationships, a story that almost everyone knows someone who has experienced, in one way or another.

  • The Aftermath by James Kent: Disney+

Plot: Rachel arrives from England in Hamburg shortly after World War II to reunite with her husband, Colonel Lewis. However, the couple will be forced to stay with German Stefan and his daughter. In the turmoil left behind by the war, Rachel and Stefan will grow closer.

Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård and Jason Clarke star in this love triangle set in the aftermath of World War II. The trauma, the need to redefine situations and the attempt to return pre-war feelings and relationships, are some of the elements that give impetus and substance to this particular story.

  • Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story: Disney+

Plot: Tony falls in love with Maria but the obstacles to being together are many as they are members of two rival New York gangs.

Starring Rachel Zegler, in her feature film debut, and Ansel Elgort. This is the second film adaptation of Jerome Robbins’ 1957 musical of the same name – the first was in 1961 by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise. Music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. After all, for fans of musicals, this involves a classic love story.