BBB 24: Rodriguinho threatens to give up after Sincerão: ‘That’s enough for me’


Singer Rodriguinho, 45, threatened to quit BBB 24 during a candid session this Monday (19). The dynamic required sisters and brothers to destroy letters sent by each other’s families. “That’s it for me. I didn’t come here for that”, said the brother.

Only four people received the manuscripts, Davi and the three editing mothers: Deniziane, Fernanda and Wanessa. If, on the one hand, motherhood was a criterion for preserving gifts, paternity was not.

The pagodeiro is the only father in the house and his children were not taken into consideration when making the casting decision. His own ally, Raquel, tore up the correspondence intended for him.

Participating in this week’s dynamics were the leader Ráculo, the angel Michel and the walled trio: Deniziane, Fernanda and Matteus. See how each one positioned themselves.

Who destroyed whose letter

First round

Raquel destroyed Alane’s letter.

Michel destroyed MC Bin Laden.

Deniziane destroyed Giovanna.

Fernanda destroyed Lucas.

Matteus destroyed Pitel.

Second round

Raquel destroyed Rodriguinho.

Michel destroyed Beatriz.

Deniziane destroyed Isabelle.

Fernanda destroyed Leidy.

Matteus destroyed Yasmin.

Final round

That was left of Davi and Wanessa. Each of them chose someone from the sincere group not to receive it and then one more of them in consensus. Davi destroyed Raquel and Wanessa destroyed Michel.

Wanessa and Davi reached a consensus and left it to their mothers and, therefore, destroyed Matteus’s.

Source: Folha

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