BBB 24: Why men lose 7 to 1 (literally) to women in reality

BBB 24: Why men lose 7 to 1 (literally) to women in reality

Gustavo Luiz

The expression 7 to 1 became synonymous with embarrassment after the defeat of the Brazilian men’s team to the German team in the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup. Coincidentally, this is the same score as the BBB 24 eliminations so far.

Seven men were eliminated, while only one woman left during the voting. Maycon, Pizane, Nizam, Vinicius, Luigi, Juninho and Marcus were missing from the brothers’ squad and Thalyta left the sisters’ squad.

The men’s team has the chance to reduce the difference on the wall between Deniziane, Fernanda and Matteus. The result should be announced during the night of this Tuesday (20).

The poll of F5 indicates that the gaucho is not at great risk of leaving his house in this situation. However, even if the brother’s stay is confirmed, the proportion of eliminated to eliminated will still be enough to be considered a shame.

It’s not today

The lack of success of men in the Globo reality show has been noticeable since the box office era began in the reality show, in 2020. All editions had the same number of men and women.

But at BBB 20, only one of them was part of the last ten participants, actor Babu Santana. There have been improvements in the number of men in the Top 10 since then. Five arrived at BBB 21, four at BBB 22 and three at BBB 23.

History with machismo

In all the editions mentioned, at some point during the program, some of the men demonstrated attitudes considered sexist.

These ranged from questionable words said during recorded conversations, to groping and restraints against women, as were the cases of MC Guimê and Antônio Cara de Sapato.

The male cast’s disregard for gender issues is one of the arguments supporting the eliminations of six participants this year: Maycon, Pizane, Nizam, Vinicius, Luigi and Juninho.

With the exception of Juninho, the behavior considered sexist by this group involved the model and businesswoman Yasmin Brunet, 35. The way she dresses intimidated Maycon and Luigi at the beginning of the game, while her body was the target of criticism from Nizam in the presence of Pizane and Vinicius.

Juninho, before leaving, tried to hook up with two women from the same group and this was not seen well by the house that walled him up.

Black people on the wall

The votes to eliminate brothers with behavior considered sexist also point to another social issue, blackness.

The only woman eliminated from BBB so far is black. The percentages also show that blacks were rejected more than whites in the votes.

During the first phase of votes to stay in the house, the order of the average public vote was as follows: among blacks, Luigi had 7.29% of preference, Pizane, 8.35% and Maycon, 8.46%.

Within this group, black people with darker skin got less engagement than black people with lighter skin.

Among whites, Vinicius finished the wall with 9.92% of viewers’ wishes and Nizam with 17.14%.

Who do you want to leave?

The rule changed on February 5th and voting was once again eliminatory, as in previous editions. Since then, Juninho with 60.35% and Marcus with 84.86% have been eliminated.

It is worth mentioning that the high rejection rate for Marcus, who did not suffer criticism about sexism, can be explained by two factors.

Sexuality, after all, is important to keep in mind as he is the only man on the list of eliminated people who declares himself gay. And the other reason is the configuration of the wall, Marcus faced two of this year’s favorites in the same hot seat: Isabelle and Davi.

Men and fame

David’s case, in fact, seems to be one of those exceptions that confirm rules. Considered one of the favorites for the main prize, he can break at least two BBB taboos.

If champion, the Bahian would be the first dark black man to win the most popular reality show in the country. If a finalist, he would be the first popcorn man to make it to this stage since celebrities started playing.

This last fact reveals something about masculinity in the program. Fame helps men go far.

In this way, with a small number of boxes and criticism of the behavior of those remaining, the public is able to dismiss the male presence earlier in BBB 24. To be seen.

Source: Folha

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