BBB 24: Wanessa tells Davi that she was influenced by MC Bin Laden against the Bahian


MC Bin Laden became the talk of all participants on BBB 24 this Tuesday (20). In the magic room, Wanessa Camargo was talking to Davi and Isabelle about the funk singer’s involvement in several controversial events in the house and the trio came to the conclusion that the brother likes to put a “pile” on his brothers and sisters.

Davi started by remembering the confusion with Nizam right at the beginning of the game, it was because of Bin and then the singer acknowledged to the Bahian that the funk player and some members of Quarto Gnomo influenced her against the app driver. “You know what I think? He makes a lot of noise sometimes. Can I tell you? Who told me that the thing with Yasmin was out of pure evil…”, says Wanessa. “Was it him?”, David interrupted, shocked by the news.

“Yeah… remember what I told you? It was like that, I thought it was wrong that you talked to Yasmin and then we talked… But for me, in my head, you had been clueless. That’s all. Then the Yasmin brought the subject to a group, where he was [Bin], Fernanda, Pitel, and that Gnome gang. We all started talking about it and people were like ‘bad’ and ‘serious’ and I was thinking.”

The sister recalled: “You know those little batteries you put in? That’s when I started to get really scared of you and realize that you were being mean when you asked questions. The problem is that they don’t know me and I have this thing, I went to talk to you , which few people would do”, explains Wanessa.

The daughter of Zezé Di Camargo and Zilu Godoi also told her brother that she is worried about the public’s perception of her game within the reality show. She recognized that she runs away from Paredão. “I’m not going to throw myself at Paredão nor am I going to ask anyone to vote for me. I’m going to escape Paredão and I want to win the Leader’s Test…”, said Wanessa.

“What’s making me distressed is the fear I have of being hated without knowing it. Brazil being angry with me, angry with me here in the game, without me knowing. And so I don’t want to stay here”, says Wanessa.

“Don’t suffer because of this, because whatever has to happen, will happen”, Davi reassures the singer.

Source: Folha

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