City broke Flecken’s “wall” with Haaland and continues the pressure on Liverpool!


One and be… burning for her Manchester City!

The “citizens” prevailed with a score of 1-0 Bradford in a postponed game for its 18th matchday Premier Leagueas a result of which they are close to 1 point from the leader Liverpoolsurpassing the third by the same margin Arsenal.

For a very long time, his team Pep Guardiola he struggled to find nets, as the “bees” set up… a coach in front of their home, while behind there was the unimaginable Mark Fleckenwho was inconceivable with 9 interventions, 6 on shots from inside the area!

Nevertheless, it was the… usual suspect for City who provided, albeit belatedly, the solution. Specifically, after his assist Julian Alvarez and his tragic reaction Christopher Ayerwho fell unreasonably on the pitch, o Erling Haaland burst into the opposition and opened the scoring for the hosts, having now scored at least one goal against all the teams he has faced in Premier League!

From there on, the Bradford could not react, while City found another goal with him Haalandwhich however was cancelled, as the Kyle Walker who got the assist was in an offside position.

Postponed match for the 18th matchday:

Tuesday (20/2)

Manchester City-Bradford 1-0

(71′ Haaland)

The schedule for the next (26th) matchday:

Wednesday (2/21)

Liverpool-Luton (21:30)

Friday (23/2)

Chelsea-Tottenham postponement

Saturday (24/2)

Aston Villa-Nottingham Forest (17:00)

Crystal Palace-Burnley (17:00)

Manchester United-Fulham (17:00)

Brighton-Everton (17:00)

Bournemouth-Manchester City (19:30)

Arsenal-Newcastle (22:00)

Sunday (25/2)

Wolves-Sheffield United (15:30)

Monday (26/2)

West Ham-Bradford (22:00)

Source: Sport Fm

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