Ana Hickmann’s ex says she is an alcoholic and asks for a mental health exam

Ana Hickmann’s ex says she is an alcoholic and asks for a mental health exam

After accusing his ex-wife Ana Hickmann of alleged parental alienation, businessman Alexandre Correa has now filed a new measure in court: he asks for the presenter’s mental health to be tested.

According to the document that the F5 had access, the businessman and his lawyer claim that she was unaware of the accusations she made against her ex due to some inconvenience.

In audio, Alexandre states that Ana would be an alcoholic. “I ask God that this judge will respond to our request and agree to the mental health examination. Enough of putting up with Ana Hickmann’s madness and lies”, he begins.

“Ana Hickmann is a mythomaniac [compulsiva por mentiras] and has an alcoholism problem. She never accepted treatment. She never saw a psychiatrist,” she says in audio.

Ana, through her social network, responded. According to her, it is not possible to have “24 hours of peace” and cites health problems with all the stress she says she suffers.

“With the emotional stress I’ve been experiencing, my skin is reacting to it. Thank God, in my head everything is fine, but every hour one thing is more strange than the other, I don’t have 24 hours of peace,” he began.

“But we continue to fight and work hard. And I won’t do any different even with so many absurdities being claimed in court, one worse than the other. We continue”, he added.

Ana’s office says that “he invents lies about mental health and alcoholism to discredit her and tries to invalidate all the facts that she has been telling the court.”

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office rejected the request to revoke the protective measure made by Alexandre, making it still valid. The presenter is afraid and feels threatened daily by Alexandre Correa”, says another excerpt from a note sent to F5.

Correa was accused by the presenter of bodily harm and domestic violence. He had already requested Ana Hickmann’s arrest, claiming that he was being prevented from seeing his son.

Source: Folha

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