In the presence of the current Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis testified before the Three-Judge Court of Criminal Appeals as a prosecution witness in the case of “illegal recruitment at KEELPNO” in the period 2013-2014 the SYRIZA MP and former Deputy Minister of Health, Pavlos Polakis.

Accused in the case, concerning 22 recruitmentswhich according to the indictment they were illegal and had been made by the leadership of KEELPNOthere are a total of four people who they are liable for offenses involving infidelity and complicity in it.

The process was conducted with tensions and arguments between the two politicians, culminating in an episode that was caused, shortly before the meeting was interrupted, when Mr. Polakis did not answer a question that had been put to him and Mr. Georgiadis said loudly “what process is this?” .

The incident escalated when the lawyer Yiannis Apatsidis reacted to Georgiadis’ intervention who was in the audience, who came into confrontation with a member of the minister’s guard.

Mr. Georgiadis has already testified in the trialwhile Mr. Polakis was called to testify through a request that Mr. Apatsidis submitted to the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office on his behalf, which was accepted as the former minister had filed an indictment on the case.

The court adjourned until March 13.