BBB 24: Fernanda and Pitel are suspicious of Rodriguinho’s double game: ‘Who were you talking to?’


The relationship between Fernanda, Pitel and Rodriguinho has seen better days on BBB 24. This Wednesday (21), the sisters noticed that the singer had been making some moves in the game without telling the duo. They complained about the brother’s proximity to Alane, Beatriz and Leidy Elin and implied that they were keeping an eye on the pagodeiro.

Why don’t you tell them what you were talking to them?”, asked Fernanda as soon as Rodriguinho returned to the Gnomo room. “Because there’s nothing to tell”, replied the former singer of the group Os Travessos. “I was doing it all this time. what? Who were you talking to?” Pitel insisted.

There is no such thing as talking to someone for 30 minutes and not saying anything”, said Fernanda. “Guys, is that really it? Are you going to keep asking me what I talk about with others?”, retorted Rodriguinho, who pretended not to have understood the suspicions of his allies, who had been criticizing the singer minutes before.

Fernanda then asked about the conversation that Rodriguinho had with MC Bin Laden and Lucas Henrique shortly after Deniziane’s elimination in the ninth Paredão the night before. “This week people are going to Davi”, explained the singer. “What people?” asked the confectioner from Niterói. “There, at least, the two of them go to Davi. It was already you”, he replied, explaining that Fernanda was out of Bin and Lucas’s sights for now.

Three, in this case”, corrected Pitel, who recalled that the singer also said he would vote for the Bahian app driver. That. There are three votes for Davi”, confirmed the celebrity. “The people from the Fada room are going for me again”, said Nanda. “Wanessa and Yasmin are not going. And if Lucas doesn’t go, suddenly not even Leidy will go”, added Rodriguinho.

Source: Folha

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