Dimitris Skarmoutsos takes us on a walk through the culinary beauties of Neo Psychiko with “Neighborhoods on a Plate” on Saturday, February 24.

The district began to develop from the beginning of the 1930s around the then newly built church of Agia Sophia. Its first inhabitants were Athenians who wanted to leave the center of the city, but also Asia Minor.

Watch the trailer:

The tour of the neighborhood of N. Psychikos starts from “Ta Souvlakia tis Lila”. It is the evolution of the first steakhouse opened by Mr. Giorgos and now run by his granddaughter, Lila. A favorite destination of local residents for small and juicy kontosouvlia accompanied by fluffy pitoulas and handmade tzatziki.

Arriving at the quiet Liberty Square, we find the “Foititis” restaurant since 2005. It started operating as a coffee shop and over the years it has evolved into a mezedo restaurant with fresh seafood, excellently cooked and offered at very good prices.

The last stop in Neo Psychiko has a Latin American vibe. “Dirty Sancez” is a beautifully decorated space with lots of colors, happy music and delicious Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine!

Dimitris Skarmoutsou’s return to the studio has a generous dose of sweetness in the studio, as he prepares chocolate cake with cookies for us and then cooks chicken with mushrooms and spices.

See you next week in another neighborhood!