Natalie Portman believes movies as a primary form of entertainment are on a “downward trajectory” and that YouTubers are becoming more famous than movie stars.

“If you ask someone my kids’ age about movie stars, they don’t know anyone compared to YouTube stars” added the Oscar-winning actress.

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In an interview at Vanity FairNatalie Portman estimated that “there’s something liberating about it, not having your art be popular art.” “You can really explore whatever interests you. You deal much more for passion than for commercialism. And what’s interesting, too, is to be careful not to become elitist.” write down.

“There’s also this democratization of creativity, anyone can make stuff and incredible talent emerges” remarked the actress, stressing that the accessibility is incredible.

“If you lived in a small town, you might not have access to great art cinema. Now if it has an internet connection, you can access anything” he reported.