Bob Saget: Family goes to court to veto details on actor’s death


The family of actor Bob Saget (1956–2022) has filed a lawsuit in the United States to ask that new details about the artist’s death not be released. The action came from his ex-wife, journalist Kelly Rizzo, and their daughters Aubrey, 34, Lara Melanie, 32, and Jennifer Belle, 29, the fruits of his marriage to Sherri Kramer.

According to ABC News, the widow and daughters are asking in the lawsuit that more information about Saget’s death be not released, including photos, videos, audios and any content that is related to the autopsy of his body.

On February 9, a month after the comedian’s death, the family had released a statement explaining that the cause of death was head trauma. “It has been concluded that he accidentally hit his head on something, thought it was nothing and went to sleep,” the text read.

However, the following day, the international press released a report made by the medical authorities that examined the body of the star of “Three Is Too Much” (1987-1994), and the document pointed to several fractures in his skull.

Even before the release of the official note on the cause of death of the actor, international websites had stated that he would have died in his sleep. Sources told TMZ that the artist was “huddled up in bed” when his body was discovered.

Saget was found dead at age 65 in an Orlando hotel room on January 10. He was discovered around 4 pm, and the lights in his room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando were out.

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