Today’s theme of My Style Rocks on SKAI was “winter white” and Zeta was the player who managed to manage it the best and collected the highest score from teammates and judges.

It is important to mention that the player decided to take a point from the new player Casablanca, who has immunity this week.

A revelation was made by Adriana, who burst into sobs and said that she broke up with her partner to be in the fashion competition because he had a problem with her schedules.

Reactions to teammates and judges were caused by the appearance of Casablanca, who was the only one who did not stay “loyal” to “total white” and added other colors to her look.

Tension over the score arose between Simone and Zeta, with both players stating that they could never be friends.

While once again, Fotini reacted to the fact that Iro declares herself a stylist.
The catwalk of the judges and the presenter:

The girls’ entrance: