Ximbinha about Joelma: ‘He said things without proving it, but I have no grudge’


Leonardo Volpato

Hurt? Guitarist Ximbinha, 50, states that, in relation to Joelma, 49, to whom he was married for 18 years, this word does not exist. With her, he formed the band Calypso, which was successful across the country between 1999 and 2015.

In an interview with F5, the musician agrees to talk about his still conflicting relationship with his ex-partner and says that, despite everything, he doesn’t care about always having his name linked to hers. “I don’t harbor resentment, hatred. I’m going on with my life. I know she said things without proving it, but in my heart there’s no room for resentment. She had space in the media and I preferred to remain silent. With time comes the truth”, states.

Ximbinha was the target of accusations from Joelma and the marriage came to an end in 2016 after reports of an alleged abusive relationship that involved aggression and psychological abuse, with the right to a police report.

Ximbinha also faced claims that he had betrayed the singer, including being called “safado” in chorus by the audience at a show that he and the then band Xcalypso performed in the Federal District, in 2016, at the debut of the new vocalist. Since then, he has created and closed some bands.

“What have we done [na banda Calypso] It was a beautiful work, it stayed in people’s minds. She [Joelma] She has her job and I have mine. I’m going to make my music and be whatever God wants. The story will last forever”, he reinforces.

Asked if one day he could have a friendly relationship with his ex-wife again, Ximbinha prefers to leave that possibility open. She leaves the future in God’s hands “He is the one who knows” and celebrates her good relationship, which was once shaky, with her children.

“It’s my biggest victory. I asked to have them back and I was blessed”, he says, about Yago, his stepson who calls him father and lives with him, and about Yasmin, his “blood” daughter, who lives with his mother. mother. The two are Joelma’s children.

Over the last eight years, the singer’s name continues to be associated with Ximbinha, and he says that there’s nothing he can do about that, other than follow his path in music – which will work, he guarantees. “I thought these admirers were just Calypso’s, but people like me, I have fans and I’ve never been on the front lines.”

Currently, Ximbinha has a band and launched the project “O Ás e as Damas”. The songs “Arranquei a Raiz” and “Ficar Sem Você” have already been released from this work. On the 23rd, it will be the release of “Raio-x”. His idea is to go on tour in Brazil and record a DVD.

The person currently looking after Ximbinha’s career is his current wife, Karen, 36, with whom the musician hopes to expand his family soon. “God willing, a little baby will come,” he says.

Source: Folha

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