Kanye West and his wife, Bianca Censori, made a completely different appearance a few days ago.

The usually almost naked Censori got dressed and her famous husband went out in public dressed simply, without the usual full face.

In fact, the couple made the low-key appearance in Florence this week, following the Super Bowl ruckus where West – known as HY – practically lashed out at anyone who accuses him of the way he “exploits” women and for his obsession with photographing her naked.

Specifically, Page Six commented on Censori’s latest appearance stating that she was “fully dressed and covered in a black hooded sweatshirt over her head and an oversized black leather trench coat.”

West, for his part, also went for a more conservative look for the same look, wearing a dark hooded windbreaker and matching pants.

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Of course, the dressed up version of Censori didn’t last long.

Last night, at a party in Milan where the couple is for the presentation of the new album of the famous rapper, the young wife of West, made another revealing appearance and the flashers were on fire.

At a different event for Milan Fashion Week, Bianca was photographed again dressed provocatively, but clearly more… covered, at least from the waist up.