The student who contracted galloping meningitis is still hospitalized in a stable but critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of Patras.

The commander of the 6th Health Region, Giannis Karvelis, speaking to the “Peloponnisos” newspaper, stated: “Her condition is stabilized, but very serious. All the medical teams led by the director of the ICU Fotini Fligou, is on the side of the student. All the medical specialties involved, cardiologists, vascular surgeons, etc., are present and fighting to keep her alive. It’s a very difficult situation, but we always hope.”

It is recalled that the patient collapsed on Wednesday afternoon at the Mathematics Department where she studies. Her fellow students called an ambulance which took her to the PGNP where she was immediately intubated, as her condition was particularly aggravated. Unfortunately, galloping meningitis, as the attending physicians note, has a rapid development within a few hours.

Since the student participated in the occupation of the Department, as we wrote yesterday, the University took all preventive measures for the students with whom she had been in contact.

The tracing part was undertaken by the Public Health Directorate of the Region.

The deputy governor of Public Health Anna Mastorakou he reported to “Peloponnisos”: “In consultation with the University, we attempted to locate all the people who had been in contact with her. Something that wasn’t easy”

“Tracing was not easy as the Department was under occupation and students were coming and going. Decisive in all the effort we made, always with the instructions of the EODYY, was the role of the student and friend of the patient, who helped us a lot in locating several of the people who were found in the same area. We thank her very much and publicly for the responsibility she showed. Thus preventive medication was given to everyone. At the same time, as a Medical Association, we sent an urgent notification to our members, so that if a student visits them and says that he came into contact with the case, he will be prescribed the prescribed pharmaceutical preparation”, he added.