Iro was the winner of the day with 10.5 and with a small difference from the second Simone in My Style Rocks on SKAI.

Iro chose to deduct a point from Fotini who finished last.

Evelyn Kazantzoglou commented on the appearances of Fotini and Andriana, who had chosen to show their underwear.

“I don’t like seeing underwear. It’s not part of your outfit, it’s your underwear,” Evelyn Kazantzoglou said to Andrianna.

“I don’t like seeing your underwear at all,” the judge added to Fotini.

Nikolina appeared with a new hair color.

Fotini did not like Nikolina’s look. “I consider it carnivalesque.” “It is insulting to speak of Triodius images,” answered Nikolina.

Afterwards, Nikolina justified the one she put on Fotini: “and that’s why you put the sponge for a pigtail,” she characteristically said.

Fotini expressed her complaint to Stelios Koudounaris. “every look I bring you completely nullifies it,” he said.

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