Faustão undergoes a kidney transplant and remains under observation in the hospital


Fausto Silva, 73, underwent kidney transplant surgery at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. According to a medical report, the surgery took place on Monday morning (26), without complications. A person close to the family tells the F5 that he is awake and talking.

The presenter was admitted to the hospital last Sunday (25) to prepare for the transplant due to the worsening of chronic kidney disease. Next, an assessment was carried out on the compatibility of the donated organ.

Last week, Faustão threw a pizza party for close friends. O F5 it was found that he revealed that he would undergo the transplant and asked all guests for discretion.

Fausto Silva will remain hospitalized and under observation. He was hospitalized again six months after receiving a heart transplant on August 27.

A friend of Faustão told the report that the presenter had been undergoing dialysis (treatment to overcome kidney failure) since December and that in recent weeks he said he was “feeling better and better”.

Check the full medical bulletin

Patient Fausto Silva was admitted to Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein on February 25th to prepare for a kidney transplant, due to the worsening of chronic kidney disease, after Einstein was contacted by the Transplant Center of the State of São Paulo and an assessment of the compatibility of the donated organ was carried out.

The surgery took place, uneventfully, yesterday morning (26). The patient will continue
observation to monitor the adaptation of the organ and clinical control.

Dr. Marcelino Durão, nephrologist and medical coordinator of kidney transplantation at the Hospital
Israeli Albert Einstein

Dr. Sérgio Ximenes, urologist and member of the kidney transplant team at Hospital Israelita
Albert Einstein

Dr. Fernando Bacal, cardiologist at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Dr. Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, medical director of hospital services and medical practice at
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Source: Folha

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