Pedro Manso says he was diagnosed with dementia


Comedian Pedro Manso, 51, used social media to tell his followers that he was recently diagnosed with dementia. Known for imitating presenter Fausto Silva on the now-defunct program “Show do Tom”, on Record, he reported that he did not want to believe the results of the investigation carried out by his doctor. “I’m going through a serious problem of dementia, of forgetfulness,” he began in the report. “I didn’t want to believe it, but unfortunately I have to accept it and ask God to give me the cure.”

Manso recalled that he began to notice signs of the disease little by little, but decided to see a doctor immediately when he missed a professional appointment. “Then the diagnosis came and, unfortunately, I had to accept the disease. Pray for me”, asked the comedian, who said that his mother had Alzheimer’s [ doença degenerativa do cérebro que acomete pessoas com mais idade e funções cerebrais como memória, linguagem, cálculo, comportamento são comprometidas de forma lentamente progressiva].

“According to doctors, the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease are memory loss, but I still want to see a specialist for tests and a proper diagnosis and treatment,” said the comedian.

“The situation is getting worse very quickly. I sometimes forget to call my closest friends, sometimes they ask me to record a video and I think I had recorded it and forget to send it”, concluded Pedro Manso.

Source: Folha

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