After being criticized for his appearance, Thor Batista calls a lawyer and says he will identify those responsible


After being ridiculed for his appearance on social media, socialite Thor Batista, 32, contacted his lawyer.

On his Instagram profile, Thor announced that his legal representative, Guilherme Belarmino, has already started working on identifying and holding those responsible for the offenses accountable. “Those responsible will face the appropriate consequences”, warned the eldest son of Eike Batista and Luma de Oliveira.

In the statement published on the networks, Thor’s lawyer states that the socialite “has been the target of personal attacks with the aim of denigrating his image and that of his family, including the misuse of the image of his newborn son”, he says . “These attacks not only transgress the limits of decency, but also violate fundamental rights, abusing the freedoms provided by the digital environment.”

The text also says that Thor is being a victim of “cancel culture”, which is “a poison for our society” and that those responsible “will face the appropriate sanctions from the courts, both in the civil and criminal spheres”.

Thor, who lived a scandal-filled youth in the past decade, has been reclusive from the media in recent times. Until he appeared in a photo published by his wife, Lunara Campos, celebrating the birth of the couple’s first child, Thor II.

“Guys. He’s only 32 years old! He aged very quickly”, commented one internet user. “When did Thor stop being a hairy and reckless teenager to become a bald guy? How long did I sleep?”, wanted to know. The comments then followed on X, formerly Twitter. “He looks more like a grandfather than a father”, the third observed and the fourth added: “Did he have some procedure done and the result wasn’t as expected?”

After the photo went viral, Thor’s younger brother, Olin Batista, was also criticized for his appearance. Eike’s second son is 28 years old and appeared changed in a photo with his father and brother. Eike Batista is still the father of Balder, ten years old, and Tyra, two years old, with his current wife, Flávia Sampaio.

Eike Batista (center) with his sons Thor and Olin – Reproduction/Instagram

At the end of the 2000s, Thor and his brother Olin attended the best parties and nightclubs in the south of Rio and every now and then the duo got into trouble at events. His father Eike was one of the richest businessmen in Brazil, but at the end of 2012, he began to lose a large part of his fortune. In the same year, Thor had a car seized for running without a front license plate and also drew attention for his large physique, the result of the use of anabolic steroids, as he himself admitted. He weighed 105 kilos.

Thor ran over and killed truck driver Wanderson Pereira dos Santos, when he was crossing a highway in Duque de Caxias (RJ) also in 2012. The following year, according to G1, the RJ Court ordered him to pay a fine of 500 thousand reais to the family of Saints. In 2015, he ended up being definitively acquitted.

Source: Folha

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