DJ Alok introduces robot dog as new member of the family


DJ Alok used social media to tell fans that the family had a new member: a robot dog. The author of the hits “Hear Me Now” and “Deep In Your Love” did not hide his excitement when showing the technological dog interacting with his children Ravi and Raika. “Now there are 6 of us,” he wrote in the caption of a video posted on Instagram.

In the images, the robot dog runs, jumps, paws and even fights for a toy with the family dog, Apollo. He also appears being taken for walks on a leash, including lighting the way in dark areas, and lying down to sleep. Alok’s family mascot, who doesn’t yet have a name, even draws a heart in the air, using his paws. The DJ, who was recently involved in a controversy with Fágner after the singer criticized his shows, asked for name suggestions for the “animal”.

Alok’s new four-legged friend is a Go2 robot dog from Chinese brand Unitree. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it uses a 4D LIDAR sensor that facilitates the exploration of terrain with a reduced blind spot, in addition to having an integrated microphone and Full HD camera.

The robot It weighs approximately 7 kg and its battery lasts on average between 2 hours and 4 hours. It can be purchased for prices starting from US$1,600, approximately R$8,000.

Source: Folha

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