BBB 24: Rodriguinho is the tenth eliminated from the reality show, with 78.23% of the votes


Rodriguinho, 46, was the tenth eliminated from BBB 24. The public’s decision was announced by Tadeu Schmidt, 49, this Tuesday (27). The singer from São Paulo received 78.23% of the votes to leave the house on his birthday.

Lucas finished the dispute with 14.82% of the votes and Fernanda with 6.95%.

The box went to the wall at the direct recommendation of leader Beatriz. With his elimination, only three celebrities still have a chance of winning the Globo reality show, they are MC Bin Laden, Wanessa Camargo and Yasmin Brunet.

The pagodeiro’s departure was not a surprise. She had been speculated since January 13th, after Rodriguinho and Nizam criticized Yasmin’s physical shape and diet.

Other reasons capable of justifying the ex-brother’s rejection were the threats made against Davi, the use of nicknames considered offensive and the repeated times that the singer himself asked to be eliminated.

This is because the singer was eliminated in a wall against his allies in the house after spending more than 40 days without being nominated for the spotlight.

Rodriguinho was the oldest participant in the reality show and his journey was not just about animosities. The São Paulo native built a friendly relationship with Pitel and Fernanda, his opponent in this hot spot.

The trio known as the fourth gnomes created strategies, made the public laugh with their gossipy way of being and even decided whether they preferred Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

Source: Folha

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