Pedro Neschling celebrates his return to soap operas and is moved by a message from his mother, Lucélia Santos


After 10 years away from soap operas, the familiar face of Pedro Neschling returned to Globo in the remake of “Renascer”. The actor participated in the Meeting with Patrícia Poeta this Wednesday (28) and received a loving message from his mother, Lucélia Santos.

In the 9pm soap opera, Pedro plays Eriberto, a character created for the remake, who is a partner of José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas). As Venâncio and Eliana’s (Sophie Charlotte) marriage ends, he falls in love with his friend’s ex-wife.

The actor received a loving message from his mother at the Meeting: “Very happy with your return to soap operas, with your participation in Renascer, and I wanted to wish you much success, much success, because you deserve it. You are an incredible guy, in addition to your Mom, I’m your fan, a true admirer of your personality, your way of being and all the good thinking you have. Much success to you, Pedro.”

Pedro thanked and reciprocated Lucélia’s praise: “My mother is a reference, I think, not just for me, for all of us, right? She’s a person with a character, a personality, who serves as a mirror and guide for me.” “.

He said about his life with the actress: “I am lucky to be her son and to have this intimate, loving relationship. She was always a very affectionate mother, very concerned, very attentive, who never let me lack anything in any sphere.”

The actor, who became known playing Dionísio Sardinha in ‘Da Cor do Pecado” (2004), had “Joia Rara” as his last work in Globo soap operas before “Renascer”.

Source: Folha

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