Kate Middleton’s disappearance intrigues internet users and generates memes


Where is Kate Middleton? That’s the question that many members of the British royal family have been asking for almost two months in the United Kingdom. The Princess of Wales has not been seen by the public since she underwent abdominal surgery on January 16th and her disappearance intrigues not only the English but thousands of people around the world and, of course, generates memes on the web about her disappearance.

“Kate Middleton disappeared at the same time that rumors emerged that William cheated on her and they were getting divorced,” said an internet user. “Kate has been missing all this time doing an intenssion on how to be a queen”, joked another user on X (formerly Twitter) and the third added: “She cut her bangs and it looked horrible”,

The hospitalization took the public by surprise and opened up space for British tabloids to speculate about the procedure, including suspicions of cancer. A royal source, however, ruled out the diagnosis of the disease to the American broadcaster CNN. Kensington Palace announced that the surgery was a success and that Kate would continue her recovery at home. The statement reinforced that it would only provide updates on the princess’s health status when there was “significant new information to share.”

Prince William’s absence from an event in memory of his late godfather, King Constantine II of Greece, this Tuesday (27), became an issue, but the first-born of King Charles III claimed it was a “personal matter” for not attending the ceremony. Speculation soon began as to what reason could be Kate’s health. William, however, stated that the decision had no connection with the princess and also indicated that his wife’s recovery was “going well”.

The British tabloids also comment that many English internet users are now searching on Google about how long the recovery process takes from a “BBL”, the Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery (something like “butt lift”, in Portuguese) — a technique that increases the patient’s glutes using fat. All because of a theory that Kate had performed this procedure. They also speculate about a facial surgery that went wrong and even the possible donation of a kidney to her father-in-law, recently diagnosed with cancer, in exchange for Kate becoming queen one day.

Source: Folha

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