BBB 24: ‘Rodriguinho passed the baton, I’m Davi Futebol Clube until the end’, says Wanessa Camargo


Wanessa Camargo, 41, took advantage of the early hours of leader Beatriz’s party on BBB 24 to get closer to Giovanna, 27, this Thursday (29). The singer’s movement was motivated by the fight with Davi and Alane, hours earlier, on Wednesday night (28).

Camargo liked the way Giovanna intervened in the confusion in favor of her and against Davi. “You stepped up your game for me. I didn’t know that side of you,” the singer told the nutritionist.

“I’m a pressure cooker. I prefer to let the dust settle and then go talk. If I go when I’m angry, I’ll do it like a hurricane”, replied Giovanna.

The two, along with Yasmin Brunet, cursed Davi and Alane.

A little after that moment, Wanessa declared her vote until the end of her stay in the edition for Yasmin and Michel. “Rodriguinho [eliminado com 78,23% dos votos] passed the baton, I’m Davi Futebol Clube. Until the end,” said the singer.

The phrase was one of the former participant’s catchphrases to highlight the conflict with the Bahian driver.

There are curiosities in Giovanna’s relationship with Davi and Wanessa. The girl from Minas Gerais was the second closest person to the Bahian in the first week of the program and he said he wanted her on the final podium, with Isabelle.

After a few days she joined the team that avoided David. On the other hand, in last Sunday’s vote (25), Giovanna nominated Wanessa for the wall.

Her vote was discovered by Beatriz in the leader’s room.

Source: Folha

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