BBB 24: Alane, Davi and Matteus evaluate fight with boxes: ‘They’re snakes’


The latest widespread fight at BBB 24 affected the spirits of participants at leader Beatriz’s party, in the early hours of this Thursday (29).

The trio Alane, Davi and Matteus evaluated what the groups should look like in the reality show after the confusion. They said that – besides themselves – Beatriz and Isabelle are at risk of going to the wall in the next vote. Hence the desire to unite and defend themselves.

The perception of the three is true. During the party, the other ten brothers commented on Alane’s supposed exaggerations and Davi’s annoyances in the “you’re with nothing” argument.

Wanessa Camargo and Yasmin Brunet even sought alliances against Alane and Davi during the early hours of the morning. The action did not go unnoticed by them.

“She [Wanessa] and Yasmin are two snakes. Today they hug you, tomorrow they stab you”, said Davi, who was part of a group formed by the model at the beginning of the reality show.

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Alane said she dreamed of Brunet turning into a snake and Matteus grimaced when he heard his ally.

“Their time will come. They’re not going to the wall, they’re the last ones to wake up for the x-ray. It’s Isabelle who wakes them up every day. [Mesmo assim,] they are the last and want to blame others for their mistakes”, said Davi.

Alane complemented her colleague’s thoughts and said that the cabin duo does few domestic tasks to help the house.

The trio concluded the matter and agreed to maintain strategies like the one that put Rodriguinho on the wall along with Lucas and Fernanda. “That’s it. We can’t do the obvious in the vote”, said Matteus.

Source: Folha

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