‘There are still people who find a kiss between two women strange’, says Lucy Alves about dating an actress


Ana Cora Lima

One of the participants in Dança dos Famosos 2024, Lucy Alves said that she is going through one of the lightest moments of her life and that was what made her accept the invitation to produce Domingão com Huck, on Globo. And all this lightness has to do with his recently publicly announced relationship with fellow actress Indira Nascimento. “It’s great to be able to live this feeling in a free, beautiful way and the way I want and deserve”, begins Lucy.

Discreetly, the actress and singer did not want to say how long she and her co-star from the soap opera “Travessia” had been together. [terminou em maio 2023] are together. He prefers to comment on his perception of a strong support for the relationship, formed not only by family and friends. “Indira and I are happy to be able to give visibility to affection, affection and respect. I have felt embraced by people”, she says.

About to turn 38, next Wednesday (6), Lucy also talks about prejudice regarding same-sex involvement. “Unfortunately, there are still people who find a kiss between two women strange. This situation needs to be normalized and the world is asking for it”, she describes. “We just want to be happy and I believe that love always wins”, she declares.

Regarding Celebrity Dance, Lucy already foresees difficulties in some rhythms planned for the season such as waltz and paso doble and promises a lot of commitment. “I want to be able to have fun, but as I’m very competitive, I know I have to study and use my musicality in the choreography. It will also have to be in the stages based on willpower and charisma”, she concludes.

Source: Folha

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