BBB 24: ‘Brazil of Brazil’ pleases brands and Beatriz becomes commercial search champion on Globo


Gabriel Vaquer

A character who causes love and hate on social media, Beatriz Reis has become the darling of the advertising market among BBB 24 popcorn. Several brands, which do not advertise on the program, are contacting Globo in search of information for contracts.

Today, of all the non-famous people in the house, Beatriz is the most sought after for advertising actions. She even surpasses names that are considered favorites to win the reality award, such as Davi Brito and Isabelle Nogueira. Globo is celebrating, since, starting from the current season, it started to manage anonymous people who enter the reality show.

A car brand competing with Chevrolet —which advertises on BBB 24— was one of the companies that showed interest in having Beatriz in an advertisement. The justification is that it can sell the product well, in addition to pleasing the C class, the company’s target. All current ex-BBBs, with the exception of the boxes, signed these contracts.

Wanted by F5, Globo stated that the general demand for anonymous participants has been above expectations, but gave the same answer as it stated for companies that were not shareholders in the reality show.

“In general, we have had many consultations. But while the program is on air, the focus is on actions linked to BBB24 and, consequently, the brands present in the attraction”, says the broadcaster. The reasoning assumes that, if a company outside the reality show makes a specific advertisement with a participant, this can be considered external interference.

Globo also explained how it decided on the current strategy of managing participants in the reality show led by Tadeu Schmidt. The area responsible for contracts is the VIU hub, which already takes care of digital agreements for the broadcaster’s presenters.

“Commercial projects on social networks involving BBB are carried out exclusively by ViU, which is the area of ​​Globo that carries out the commercial strategy on social media platforms and also the commercial representation of the brothers of the Pipoca group. The delivery of advertising on social networks , whether in the profiles of brands participating in the BBB, in the profiles of the Pipoca group or in the profiles of Globo, is part of the evolution of the influence work that Globo has been structuring in recent years”, says the official note.

Source: Folha

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