BBB 24: Wanessa expelled maintains criteria adopted by Globo since Ana Paula Renault


Gabriel Vaquer

It was sudden and everyone was taken by surprise. Perhaps the most famous person to have ever appeared on Big Brohter Brasil as a guest, singer Wanessa Camargo was expelled from BBB 24 this Saturday (2). It’s a shock, without a doubt.

The expulsion was caused after the singer punched Davi Brito while he was sleeping. Wanessa was drunk from the party, she wanted to let it go. But maybe she chose the wrong way.

Even if it was unintentional, and this is obvious, unintentionally it also invades the other’s rights. One thing we have to admit: even though it is a questionable criterion, Globo has always maintained it.

On BBB 16, Ana Paula Renaut, then a favorite on the reality show and loved by a large part of the public outside the house, lightly slapped participant Renan, one of her rivals at the time, in the face during a party.

Renan, seeing a possibility of removing a rival, said in the confessional that he felt attacked by Ana Paula. It wasn’t intense and didn’t put his life at risk, but he felt attacked.

In the end, Ana Paula Renault was expelled, much to the regret of Pedro Bial, who was in his last season on the reality show. Ana Paula was so remarkable that she won a VT for best moments in the final, something that no one expelled has had to date.

Globo’s criteria is this: what if it were the other way around? Would Wanessa feel attacked by Davi? Very likely. It’s a difficult fine line to walk, but it’s not absurd to consider expulsion precisely because of this history.

What’s shocking about Wanessa’s departure is the fact that she was a famous guest. Don’t celebrities have privileges at BBB? A little, but even for privilege there is a limit. This is the message of the program.

For Wanessa, expulsion could be good. She was poorly seen by the public. But this Saturday (2), many people defended her and said that her departure was unfair. Her luck outside the house may have changed.

One thing we can’t complain about: BBB 24 doesn’t leave us bored. It is an unpredictable and eventful edition. Great for those who like reality shows.

Watch the video that caused the expulsion and draw your conclusions:

Source: Folha

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