THE Gifts Augeri she is officially an MEP candidate with SYRIZA. After taking up her duties at the SYRIZA press office, Mrs. Avgeri announced her statement to isyriza on the list of candidates for the European Parliament.

In more detail, Mrs. Augeri’s statement via Facebook:

Together in the battle of the European elections!
By submitting my candidacy to iSYRIZA, I declare myself present in another great battle of our party, at a critical moment in its history. Having – as Member of Parliament for Thessaloniki, deputy head of Macedonia-Thrace and deputy head of Health – a complete, comprehensive and dynamic career in the Greek parliament, I draw from her the political example and the organizational model for an equally strong parliamentary presence in a European level.
From my participation in the Pre-Inquiry Committee of the Parliament that investigated the Novartis scandal to the exercise of every available means of parliamentary control against the ND-Mitsotakis regime, I contributed to the political and organizational goals of SYRIZA-PS; both by strengthening and strengthening the opposition and programmatic of our speech as well as with my constant, physical presence in the battles we fought inside and outside parliament. This attitude of mine was rewarded by the increase of my electoral influence both in percentage and absolute number, in a particularly difficult electoral district, B’ Thessaloniki, which every experienced analyst recognizes as a micrograph of the political and social conditions of the territory.
However, if all of the above make up the image, the meaning and the essence of a successful parliamentary term, it is the current situation of the widespread erosion of democratic institutions that mobilizes me in the direction of another electoral battle; which I intend to fight in a spirit of camaraderie and unceasing support of our common path until the national elections with President Stefanos Kasselakis.
I am aware that as a candidate for MEP and also as an elected member of the European Parliament, I will be able to successfully support Greece in the European institutions, in order to protect the democratic acquis and preserve the meaning of justice in our country.
I am aware that our joint effort will increase our political capital towards the final showdown of the national elections.
I wish to be a part of this effort and a factor of victory!
With victory!