Maria Cândida poses nude and says: ‘I was convinced that my time had already passed’


Presenter Maria Cândida, 52, used social media this Friday (8), International Women’s Day, to post a series of photos in which she appears naked and wrapped in a white sheet to celebrate the freedom she gained with maturity. She also reported being a victim of ageism.

“Naked, free, abused. Never again. Freedom is the most important value in my life. There is no possibility of being convinced (yes, I was convinced in the past) that ‘my time had already passed'”, began Maria Cândida.

She also opened up about the challenges she faced on different occasions “just for being a woman”: “Men from different universes intercepted me. At work: in one company, I was sent away and I don’t even need to explain, you already know… in another, they took me away of the report… in another, they tried to bribe my cameraman with a case of whiskey so that he wouldn’t support me…”, he continued.

The journalist continued: “At the beginning of my career, several people grabbed my cheek like ‘teachers’ and said: ‘you’ll make a great presenter… so beautiful!’. Dolly and stupid. Some threw tapes of my reports on the floor, in the newsroom, and they said my work was shit”, she highlighted, recalling that these same men later invited her to dinner. “I would escape, go to the bathroom and cry. I would hold it, recover it and carry on,” she commented.

Maria Cândida exalts her pride in her 30 years of journalism. “I arrive here proud of continuing bravely and becoming the professional and woman I became at 52 years old. What did I go through? Moral, psychological and even property abuse. The story of many of you here.”

Maria Candida – Reproduction/Instagram

She also spoke about feeling powerful on yet another International Women’s Day. I continue and will continue to talk about female empowerment. I will never stop. I pay my bills. I reinvented myself professionally and the internet gave me the possibility of being free. Money doesn’t come from just one place. I learned to be an entrepreneur in my own business. And I know there’s still a lot more to come”, she celebrated.

Finally, she concluded her outburst: “We are overcoming ourselves, creating support, training and learning networks. We are hiring other women. Anyway, congratulations to us women, wolves, full of pride for all of us!!!”

Source: Folha

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