BBB 24: Lucas Henrique speculates about his wife’s absence in the video and says he fears fans for a couple with Pitel


Lucas Henrique still doesn’t understand why Camila Moura didn’t appear in the Presente do Anjo video this Sunday (10). In conversation with his allies at BBB 24, the Physical Education teacher speculates several reasons such as a possible shyness of his 16-year-old partner. What he doesn’t know is that Camila was at a photo shoot and decided to end the relationship after seeing her brother say he was swayed by Pitel.

He commented with Fernanda, MC Bin Laden, Leidy Elin, Yasmin and Pitel who had already noticed a greater movement of cameras when approaching the woman from Alagoas to talk. “When Pitel and I sit down, the cameras turn on us. Most of the time we are talking shit, nothing about anything […] Sometimes, I don’t know, my worry is that people will have a crush, me and Pitel”, he said.

He stated his fear of the possibility that the public would be rooting for the ‘couple’. The capoeirista even compared it to what Amanda and Antônio Cara de Sapato experienced in the last edition. “For them here, it had nothing to do with it, but for those out there…I don’t know”, he speculated.

“You’re married,” Fernanda stated. “I know, but I don’t know, man,” Buddha continued. “You made a comment that had nothing to do with it, you’re married, you found a genuine friendship. Your base is Emicida”, observed the confectioner.

“Friendship is friendship, father,” bin Laden said. Lucas then says that he knows all this, but that he is just thinking about the possibilities. Shortly after, they joked that you only had to press the button to find out. “He’s not going to lose R$35,000 like that”, said Pitel about the prize that his brother has collected so far at BBB 24. He then added: “Anything, we can sort it out later”.

Camila Moura has lunch during a photo shoot and mocks Lucas’ distrust – Reproduction/Instagram

Source: Folha

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