A letter in accordance with article 72 A of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament was sent by Member of Parliament B’ Piraeus and Head of Shipping SYRIZA-PS Nina Kasimati, with which the clarification that her vote “on the Authority” is “No” is entered in the Minutes.

In a related announcement, Ms. Kasimati notes that she had voted “negatively and “on the whole” of the Draft Law on Private Foreign Universities, which she characterized as “a ripoff of the Constitution” due to the flagrant violation of Article 16 of the Constitution, with which the government assigns university education to foreign private individuals, steals the future of the youth and Greek society and voluntarily excludes education from the exclusive competence of the country as a member state of the EU. E., while it de facto includes the public Universities in the European Union Law of Competition instead of the Constitution of Greece.

Mrs. Kasimati had called on all parties not to vote for the law, but also not to consent in the future to the revision of Article 16 of the Constitution, which enshrines University education as a public good.