BBB 24: Yasmin sees the moment in which her body was criticized on the reality show: ‘Trust and be disappointed, right?’


Yasmin Brunet, 35, was eliminated from BBB 24 with 80.76% of the votes. As a result, the sister participated in the BBB Chat presented by the duo Thaís Fersoza and Ed Gama, in the early hours of this Wednesday (13).

The topics covered in the conversation with the model were not selected by the interviewers, as was the case in the last editions of the program.

In this way, sensitive topics such as phrases considered sexist directed at the model’s body and the relationship with Davi were selected for the interview and did not depend on the former participant’s luck.

Before the interview delved into the two topics, there was a “move across to Yasmin.” It was with these words that Gama announced a video with opinions from anonymous people about her sister’s participation in the reality show.

Brunet considered the comments light, which mostly talked about the businesswoman’s beauty and limited movements inside the most watched house in Brazil.

“We passed the cloth, now we tear the cloth”, commented Ed at the end of the content. The first topic discussed in the chat was about the sister’s relationship with Davi. The presenter duo wanted to know where the model’s bad blood with her brother came from.

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Yasmin said she doesn’t remember when the disagreement with the Bahian started or the reasons why her rivalry with him intensified. “It may be that there is an exaggeration. It’s just that everything inside is very different, everything has a greater weight”, she replied.

Thaís and Ed showed the model the video of the conversation between Davi, MC Bin Laden and Lucas at the party on January 14th. This was a decisive moment in the edition, because Bin and Buda interpreted that the opponent wanted to see the boxes outside the reality show.

The Bahian said at the time that he wanted to see someone humble as a BBB winner. “Obviously that wasn’t the story that was given to me”, said Yasmin, one of the people who believed the singer and the teacher. In disbelief, Brunet completed his reasoning: “I agree with Davi. Damn.”

The production then showed other material, the recording that shows Nizam, Rodriguinho and Vinicius Rodrigues criticizing the model’s body in the leader’s room. “This is a game of twists and turns, isn’t it? We choose who to trust in there, trust and be disappointed”, he commented after watching.

All the men involved in this matter were eliminated before the businesswoman. Then, Thaís recalled the parade of bodies organized by the participants to cheer up the sister who was insecure about her physical shape at BBB, upon learning about some of the comments.

The subject of David returned to the agenda. Thaís and Ed asked her to say what she now thought of her brother after calling him a “monster, toxic, psychopath and manipulator.”

Yasmin said again that there were exaggerations and said that the driver is annoying. The response seems to have displeased the production team, “Boninho told me that, until you answer about Davi, you won’t be released”, said Ed with his hands on the phone in his ear.

“I don’t know where the clash with him came from. [Davi], interest. I don’t think we hit. Inside everything is very different, sometimes you buy other people’s ideas and fights”, he said. Brunet also suggested that he can apologize, if he deems it necessary. “I have no problem admitting that I made a mistake”, he said.

Source: Folha

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