BBB 24: MC Bin Laden complains about Lucas’ strategy on the wall: ‘Bullet in the back’


Giovanna’s reign began with intrigues between the brothers. MC Bin Laden felt betrayed by Lucas on BBB 24, during the early hours of this Friday (15), because the professor suggested that the leader put the funk player in the crosshairs of his vote.

Lucas’ plan considered the possibility of the sister having five bracelets to pre-wall the confined. “If it’s the same as last week, when the dynamics allowed only someone with a bracelet to be immunized, we would give it to Bin,” said Lucas.

He was sitting at the table with Giovanna, Ráculo and Pitel. At first, they seemed to agree with the suggestion.

The quartet’s desire was to target Alane, Beatriz, Davi, Matteus and the MC. After the conference, they met in the gnome room with Fernanda, Leidy and Bin himself to align strategies for the next wall. The singer heard it and didn’t like it.

When he was alone with Fernanda, Bin said, “I expected anyone to raise my name [na estratégia], except my partner. A target is a target, there’s no such thing as that. For me, I took a bullet in the back.”

The sister tried to convince her friend that it was a legitimate strategy, but was unsuccessful. Drama must ensue, because the dynamics of the week will give the leader exactly five bracelets.

Contrary to what Lucas thinks, there will be no exclusive immunity for those targeted. According to Tadeu Schmidt, residents who receive Giovanna’s bracelets will be the subject of open votes from the house and will have to reach a consensus to nominate someone for the wall, this Sunday (17).

MC Bin Laden could find himself in the spotlight because of an ally’s plan and his ex-affair’s desire to play. To be seen.

Source: Folha

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