Wanessa’s team complains about the interview and causes friction with Fantástico behind the scenes at Globo


Gabriel Vaquer

The interview given to Fantástico by Wanessa Camargo last Sunday (17) is causing controversy inside and outside Globo. The 41-year-old singer’s team did not like the final edit of the material that was aired.

The expression of discontent was made to the Sunday producers this Monday (18). Among the complaints, the most vehement was that the report was “malicious”, a term used by the singer’s staff in their complaints to the Fantástico edition.

Renata Ceribelli spoke to the singer about her behavior on BBB 24, with images of her participation being shown in accordance with what she argued. In some cases, what was said differed from what was shown on TV.

For Wanessa’s team, this practice ended up causing discomfort and suggested that the singer is not self-critical when leaving the reality show. The singer’s expectation was that Fantástico could help her improve her perception with the public.

The program’s team defends itself by saying that the attraction led by Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta does not usually “cut the corner” on controversial situations with anyone.

An example of this was what happened to Luísa Sonza. In October last year, Poliana questioned the singer about an accusation of racism that turned into a legal fight.

Sonza did not answer the question and was visibly uncomfortable with the questioning. The interview was not aired on the program because it was leaked on social media.

Behind the scenes at Globo, this view from Wanessa’s team was criticized because the singer’s statements were also considered wrong. The edition enhanced a conversation that was not good due to the behavior of Zezé Di Camargo’s own daughter.

O F5 He contacted Wanessa Camargo’s team, but received no response. Globo was also contacted, but the broadcaster did not respond until the last update of this report.

Source: Folha

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