BBB 24: Fernanda wants everything or nothing against the fairies on the wall: ‘Maybe I’ll break an Alane’


Model Fernanda, 32, was bothered by the pessimistic speech of her allies on BBB 24 after the elimination of Ráculo, on Tuesday night (19).

“It sucks when people keep singing defeat. I’m not going to be a coach for others, friend. I can help whoever I want and I know who wants my good back”, he said to MC Bin Laden.

Fernanda’s group is still the majority in the reality show. She, Bin, Leidy, Lucas, Pitel and Giovanna are the last representatives of the gnomes in the game. On the other side, Alane, Beatriz, Davi, Isabelle and Matteus are the fairy team.

Even in smaller numbers, the second group managed to come back from more walls and it is this fact that scares their opponents in the program. Before venting to the MC, Fernanda spoke with Lucas and Pitel about a plan to destabilize the rivals’ sequence, in the early hours of this Wednesday (20).

“It will fall one by one here [do gnomos] until they [fadas] hit with a strong person on our side. The formation of the wall is something that influences. I have an opinion and you won’t like it,” she said.

Pitel asked, “I have to put [na berlinda]?”

Fernanda confirmed. The woman from Alagoas accepted her friend’s challenge. “If you think this strategy is good to take down there, let’s go ahead. I’m not afraid,” said Pitel.

Lucas also considered himself strong enough to take down an opponent and Pitel recalled that her own friend came back from a wall against Matteus and Deniziane. The capoeirista said that the wall is inevitable, “since it’s going to happen, let it happen later”, he said.

For the model, the sooner they face their rivals in the hot seat, the better. “Maybe I’ll break an Alane. Maybe Pitel will break a Bia. Maybe Lucas will break an Alegrete,” said Fernanda.

“Maybe I’ll break a David”, added the teacher. The trio separated some time later. The two women went outside the house and talked alone.

Fernanda praised Pitel’s ability to argue, who reciprocated and praised her friend’s ability to narrate films.

According to the model, Davi “writes and reads badly” like her. “We both came to the program on the edge of desperation, with knives in our teeth,” she said. Fernanda also told her friend that no one will make her give up.

Source: Folha

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