BBB 24: MC Bin Laden is suspicious of his opponents’ religiosity: ‘It doesn’t sound natural’


MC Bin Laden is a Christian and believes that “God is no respecter of persons”, he said. Hence the brother’s distrust in relation to the religious expression of his opponents in BBB 24.

“If they are using faith to gain power here, to move people, that will still be shown”, said the funk player to his ally Fernanda. Bin’s criticism is addressed to the group of fairies.

This rival team of Bin is made up of a Catholic duo, Alane and Matteus, and an evangelical trio: Beatriz, Davi and Isabelle. The latter has the name of Jesus tattooed on her left wrist.

They have all demonstrated their faith in the program in some way. From displaying Marian images to quoting Psalm 23.

“It’s something that doesn’t sound natural”, said the MC. For him, Brazil is a religious nation and “can choose those who have the essence of a people. [Os brasileiros] They know when people use their faith to get more votes and more people to follow,” he said.

Bin seems bothered by the religious demonstrations during the nightly appearances of the reality show on Globo’s programming.

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“I love singing praise. I think Davi sings from the heart, but I also believe that when he does something wrong, he makes a VT about it. I see that [as fadas] they are using this live. Even to poke, mock and send hints with faith”, he said.

“To reinforce that they are God’s chosen ones”, completed Fernanda. “It doesn’t fit, bro. It’s something I can’t agree with”, said Bin.

Source: Folha

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