BBB 24: Leidy is the fourteenth eliminated from the reality show, with 88.33% of the votes


Leidy Elin, 26, was the fourteenth eliminated from BBB 24. The public’s decision was announced by Tadeu Schmidt, 49, this Tuesday (26), during Globo’s live programming. The student received 88.33% of the votes.

Davi finished the wall dispute with 6.76%. MC Bin Laden received 3.84% of the average and Matteus, just 1.07%.

The ex-sister threw Davi’s clothes into the pool on the 12th and her action even earned her a scolding from Tadeu Schmidt. Raquel Brito, the Bahian’s sister, said that this was one of the most complicated moments for the participant’s family. “My mother had very high blood pressure,” said the influencer.

Leidy fell into the spotlight after being the second most voted person in the house last Sunday (26), with four votes. In fact, these were the only votes she received in the entire edition.

This made Leidy enter reality history. The woman from Rio de Janeiro is the participant who spent the longest time without going to walls or even receiving votes from the house, it was 77 days in total. According to data from Globo, the previous record was held by Gabi Martins, who was only voted on the 73rd day of BBB 20.

Leidy changed her look and removed her braids this Tuesday. The aesthetic care of the trancista is a gesture repeated by black participants, throughout the editions, who choose to enter with the same hairstyle.

Outside of the reality show, expectations were created about what the relationship between her and model Yasmin Brunet, one of her allies on the program, will be like.

At the beginning of the program, the sister took a stand against nicknames considered offensive, which were used by members of the cast.

Source: Folha

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