Skopelos is among the 9 Mediterranean islands that retain their authenticity and offer quality vacations in 2024, according to a new survey by the popular website

As stated by Germany’s largest online travel magazine published under the Bild “stamp”, “everyone knows Crete, Mallorca and Sardinia. But have you ever heard of Cres, Skopelos, Cabrera or Kavalos? Travelbook has identified the Mediterranean destinations that still offer true escapes.’ Among islands of Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, Greece and Malta, Skopelos ranks fifth and according to the medium stands out for its turquoise waters, countless coves, traditions and unparalleled natural beauty .

“Our priority is the highlighting of all those elements that make Skopelos unique such as culture, alternative activities, picturesque villages, lacy coastline and local productss. Through a number of scheduled contacts during our recent participation in the ITB tourism exhibition in Berlin, the preference of German tourists and professionals for non-standard destinations such as Skopelos was confirmed”, added the president of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos, Eva Karamesini, in a related announcement .

It is noted that 2023 was a record year for the destination with 169,216 total arrivals and an increase of about 17% over the previous year. In view of the new season, the presence of quality hotels of Skopelos in the new “Tourism for All 2024” program of the Ministry of Tourism, which aims to immediately strengthen the domestic tourism activity, is noteworthy.