Aboard a yacht that belonged to Roberto Carlos, Gusttavo Lima arrives to perform on a country cruise


Ana Cora Lima

Roberto Carlos sold his yacht Lady Laura IV in 2020 for R$25 million. The 35 meter long vessel with five cabins was named Ambassador after its new owner: Gusttavo Lima. And it was aboard his boat that the countryman arrived at the On Board Festival cruise in the middle of the sea in Angra dos Reis, on the south coast of the state of Rio.

The main attraction of this Friday’s (29th) line up of the event (with three days of shows), Gusttavo arrived seven hours in advance and was escorted by two jet-skis who appeared to be the singer’s security guards, as they were circulating around the Embaixador and pushing away other smaller vessels that approached the yacht.

Even without having boarded the ship before, Gusttavo was sure of his popularity due to the number of fans who took turns on the balcony looking for a goodbye to their idol.

“This is the second cruise that I only bought the package because of him”, said Fernanda Ferreira, 56. The housewife from Belo Horizonte is a fan of Andressa Suita’s husband and is used to backcountry circuits on the high seas. “People think that only young people go to country boats. No. There are groups of young people, but there are families too”, she points out.

It is also because of the family that Ruth Matsuoka, 32, her husband, parents and friends from Cuiabá are debuting on cruises. “I thought I wouldn’t like it, that it would be a lot of confusion, but it didn’t. It’s possible to take it. Those who want to sleep early go to the cabin, those who don’t want to stay until morning and everything’s fine”, says the pharmaceutical businesswoman.

Maranhense de Colinas, Italo Freitas, 24, and 15 other friends are part of the second group: they only leave the parties after 8am, and only because the organizers close the rooms. “It was my dream to be on a country cruise, I’m making the most of it and I want to go on others”, says Italo.

Patrick Santos, 34, and Paola Lima, 33, from Belém, do not share Italo’s opinion. “I think it’s difficult for us to repeat the dose. Lots of people. There are more than three thousand on this cruise, for example. And then it’s inevitable that the pool will be crowded, the coffee will run out or there will be a silly argument. It’s part of it, but we didn’t like it very much” , says Paola.

Source: Folha

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