BBB 24: ‘If Denzel Washington passes by my side, I won’t know who he is’, says Lucas


Gustavo Luiz

“I’ve heard a lot about it. But, if Denzel Washington passes by my side, I won’t know who he is. For me, he’s like a Franscisco”, said Professor Lucas in the early hours of this Saturday, on BBB 24.

The capoeirista, a specialist in ethnic-racial relations, was in the leader’s room along with Pitel and Fernanda. The confectioner was outraged by the brother’s information, “what do you mean? Black films only give him [Denzel]. He’s the black man’s black man”, said Fernanda.

Pitel and Lucas reprimanded their friend’s way of speaking and continued the subject.

Denzel is one of six black actors to have been awarded an Oscar in the Best Actor or Actress category. He won in 2002 for the film “Training Day.”

The American actor became a topic when the two sisters were unable to open a bottle of champagne in the leadership room.

They decided to invite the teacher to talk so that he could help them with the drink. Lucas responded to the invitation, uncapped the bottle and joined the duo.

After a few sips, the trio criticized the way the fairies express Christian faith within the program. “Using a ladder and a platform? Horrible thing”, said Pitel.

“Only really thinking people can understand these people’s game. But these thinking people are the minority who hardly watch the program. The majority are the most humble people, who do cling to faith”, said Fernanda.

Lucas chose to criticize the opponents’ supposed game in another way. “For me, it is very arrogant to think that you, in your Pekingese, are mobilizing Heaven in your favor in a game, which you chose to be in to gain visibility and fame,” he said.

During the conversation, Fernanda remembered the 2016 film “Cursed”, with American actress Dakota Fanning in the main role. The film’s synopsis tells the story of Liz, a young woman who spends her life running away from a pastor who wants to rape her.

Lucas didn’t remember Dakota. So, the sister said that she is the “white, blonde, really white girl” who acted alongside the American Denzel Washington in “Flame of Revenge”, from 2004, and “The Protector 3”, from 2023.

Unsuccessful in the description, the sister narrated the film to her colleagues and Liz to her colleagues.

Source: Folha

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