BBB 24: Lucas Buda’s ex, Camila Moura is ignored by Globo productions


Gabriel Vaquer

Camila Moura, who became famous after considering herself betrayed by Lucas Buda during confinement on BBB 24, has been trying to get her participation in Globo’s variety attractions.

The history teacher, who currently has 3 million followers, has volunteered for the network’s morning productions, such as Encontro and Mais Você, to tell her story. Even an idea for reporting on Fantástico was suggested.

For now, Globo has denied suggestions for reports with Camila Moura. The internal interpretation is that the story has already cooled down even on Big Brother and there is no time to tell it again.

The BBB 24 production intends to tell Lucas Buda, as soon as he leaves the house, what happened. The mission should be with the Bate-Papo BBB team, presented by Thaís Fersoza and Ed Gama. Camila’s participation, however, is not planned for this moment.

Camila became famous overnight, at the beginning of March. Upon seeing Lucas Buda flirt with Giovanna Pitel in front of the entire country on the reality show, Moura tore up photos of the two and posted them on Instagram.

Since then, Camila Moura has profited greatly from her sudden fame. Currently, she has 3 million followers on Instagram alone, and has already signed several advertising contracts.

The success was so great that many people thought everything could be set up. Even JB de Oliveira, Boninho, the main person responsible for BBB, commented on an Instagram profile that they will get back together as soon as Buda leaves the reality show.

Lucas Buda’s family, however, has already publicly criticized Camila and accuses her of being dazzled by her fame. Camila’s lawyer, ex-BBB Adélia Soares, claims that the family lies and has even hired a marketing agency to take care of Lucas Buda’s career abroad.

Source: Folha

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